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Estate Planning: Wills/Trusts

Every responsible adult owes their loved-ones the convenience and relief of having a plan for the distribution of their estate once they’ve passed.  It allows for a smooth transition during emotionally difficult times when your assets are distributed – and helps to minimize excessive legal costs and taxes after your death.

Your estate planning should include a Will or Trust and designate who will execute your wishes after death.

Always be thorough when making your plans – a Will is more than deciding who gets the family heirloom crystal.  It includes many things of value…including insurance policies, financial accounts including stocks, bonds, pensions and other regularly received income and, of course, your personal property – whether it be tangible or not. Estate Plan also include planning while you are alive. In this regard we prepare Durable Powers of Attorney for Business and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care. Creating these private documents now will avoid the need to go to court later to seek appointment of a Guardian or Conservator.


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Of course, your Will is your final decree as to how you wish your assets to be divided after your death and all obligations are paid. Having a will is of the utmost importance. If you die without a will, then probate will determine how your assets are divided as well as levying various taxes on your estate. However, taking the time to create a will with the help of our firm will help you minimize the amount of property taxes and/or gift taxes that your estate will be subjected to as well as ensure that your assets are divided per your wishes. Having a Will also reduces the chances that your heirs will have standing to contest your estate plan.

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