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General Civil Litigation

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General Civil Litigation

Banner Law will provide a seasoned lawyer who provides civil litigation representation for both individuals and businesses.  Let’s face it – eventually everyone experiences an unfortunate and unforeseeable problem or dispute.  Others find themselves victim to fraud.  Your Banner Law attorney will represent you either as a plaintiff or someone needing defense throughout the Northern Michigan area. 

Michigan law provides the opportunity for any individual, business or group to seek compensation from another – or to secure monies owed by one party to the other.  We handle many, many cases involving general civil matters, including:

- Building code violations
- Boundary and easement disputes
- Business disputes
- Construction disputes
- Contract breaches
- Contract disputes
- Insurance coverage disputes
- Misrepresentation and fraud
- Negligence
- Personal and business property damage
- Real estate disputes
- Shareholder or partner disputes
- Trespassing violations

Some of the most common
Michigan statutes of limitation are:

- Breach of contract: 6 years
- Fraud: 6 years when involving a contract or 4 years when not involving a contract
- Libel or slander: 1 year
- Medical malpractice: 6 months from when it was discovered or 2 years from the date on which it occurred
- Personal injury: 3 years
- Professional malpractice: 2 years from the last service date
- Torts like assault and battery:  2 years